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Execution of the candidate's choice of the first movement and cadence:

D. DRAGONETTI / NANNY, Concerto in A major;
C. D. von DITTERSDORF, Concerto in E major;
J. B. VANHAL Concerto in D major (version in C);
H. FRYBA, Prelude and Allemanda
A. MENGOLI, Study 1 or 5

Performance of one of the following pieces chosen by the candidate:

a) G. BOTTESINI, Allegretto Capriccio alla Chopin
b) G. BOTTESINI. Fantasy from the Sonnambula
c) G. BOTTESINI, Grande Allegro alla Mendelssohn
d) R. GLIERE, Intermezzo and Tarantella

Performance of a concert or sonata of the candidate's choice:

a) G. BOTTESINI, Concerto in B minor
b) A. MISEK, Sonata n. 2
c) N. ROTA, Divertimento concertante
d) F. SCHUBERT, Arpeggione


All tests will be open to the public limited to the anti-Covid19 government provisions in force at the time.
All the tests may be registered in part or in full by the Organization.
In the event that the competitors present themselves without a pianist, they will be able to use the accompanist made available by the Organization upon notice in the application form for participation in the Competition. Competitors
wishing to use it must present themselves with the piano part, carried in the key according to the solo tuning, under penalty of exclusion from the Competition.
Candidates must in any case specify, in the application form, the titles of the pieces chosen for each of the reference sessions.

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