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Art. 1
The International Competition Massimo Giorgi - ETS announces the second edition
of the Double Bass Performance Competition "Giorgi Competition", which will take place on the 25th, 26th and,
if necessary, 27th July 2024 in the city of Rome at the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia, in Via de' Greci 18.
The competition is open to all double bass players who aspire to the prizes indicated and awarded by the Jury  in Art. 2.

Art. 2

First Prize 2000 € and concert (with fee) during the 2024/25 concert season of the Solisti Aquilani,
Second Prize 1500 €,
Third Prize 1000 €.
Special Prize Contemporary Music awarded by the Association EstOvest  Festival of Turin,
which offers participation in a concert (with fee) during the 2024/25  Festival.

(composed of the Competition associates currently available on the date of the Final)

G. Antonioni, N. Bassan, A. Belli, A. Bocini, R. Braia, E. Calzolari, G. Caruso, M. Cocciolito, L. Cola, E. Cranitch,
F. D'Innocenzo, G. Ettorre, F. Fraioli, G. Frezza, G. Friscia, M. Gambini, A. Gentile, G. Giugliano, J. Hamza, D. Marc,
S. Muci, G. Nardone, F. Patassi, C. Pelliccione, D. Pisanelli, L. Presicci, F. Quaranta, M. Quattrociocchi, I. Raffaelli,
M. Raimondo, D. Roccato, M. Rolli, S. Ruggieri, A. Sciancalepore, S. Servilio. J. Sisterson, G. També, V. Vallini

Art. 3
The competition consists of three rounds:
Preliminary round: submission of an unpublished  video without interruption, according to the programme indicated in art. 7,
sent not later than 01/06/2024. The Jury will communicate the result after 7 days.

Semifinal: submission of an unpublished  video without interruption, according to the programme indicated in art. 7 sent 
not later than 20/06/202 The Jury will communicate the result after 7 days .

Final: to be held at the Auditorium of the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in via de' Greci 18, Rome . Performance according to the programme indicated in Art. 7.

The Jury will assign two different marks on individual score sheets: the first for the general classification and the second for the candidates who participate in the Special Prize Contemporary Music – EstOvest Festival Association –having  made  the  specific request in the application form if admitted to the final

Art. 4
The finalists must arrive with identification documents at 8:30 a.m. on 25th July 2024 at the the Competition headquarters: Conservatorio Santa Cecilia, via de' Greci 18, 00187 Rome. The order in which they perform  will be decided by the drawing of  lots  at the beginning of the Final.

Art. 5

Applications (using the attached form) must be received by 20th April 2024 by e-mail at the following address: and must be complete with:

1. Copy of identification document;
2. Copy of the receipt of payment of the Competition entry fee (see Art. 6);
3. The following contact details: email, telephone or mobile number, address of residence.
4. Information concerning the processing of personal data pursuant to Art. 13 Regulation (EU) 2016/679
as found in this  link (click here), duly completed and signed.
5. Permission for the use of images and publication of photographic and video material in the link (click here) duly completed and signed.

Art. 6

The registration fee (compulsory) of  € 100.00 is to be paid into the current account at Unicredit Piazza Cola Di Rienzo, 80/E - 00192 ROMA, made out to "INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION MASSIMO GIORGI - ETS" current account c/c n. 0106854371 - IBAN: IT88F0200805024000106854371 BIC or SWIFT: UNCRITM1B93; indicating as reference /reason for payment: Second edition "Massimo Giorgi Competition" plus name and surname

Failure to make this payment will exclude you from participation in the Competition.
The fee will not be reimbursed  under any circumstances, except for cancellation of the Competition as per art. 1
It is compulsory in all 3 rounds to use solo bass tuning (A top string).

Candidate's choice of first movement and cadenza:
D. DRAGONETTI, Concerto in A major;
C. D. von DITTERSDORF, Concerto in E major;
J. B. VANHAL Concerto in D major (version in C);

Double bass solo piece of the candidate's choice:
H. FRYBA, Prelude and Allemande;
A. MENGOLI, Etude 1 or 5:

Performance of one of the following pieces of the candidate's choice:
a) G. BOTTESINI, Allegretto Capriccio alla Chopin;
b) G. BOTTESINI. Fantasia from the Sonnambula;
c) G. BOTTESINI, Grande Allegro à la Mendelssohn;
d) R. GLIERE, Intermezzo and Tarantella:

Performance of a concerto or sonata of the candidate's choice:
a) G. BOTTESINI, Concerto in B minor;
b) A. MISEK, Sonata No. 2;
c) N. ROTA, Divertimento concertante;
d) F. SCHUBERT, Sonata Arpeggione;

Those wishing to compete for the EstOvest Festival Association's prize must perform in addition one of the following pieces,
announced in advance.
a) Luciano Berio: Sequenza XIVb.;
b) Gyorgy Kurtag: Message consolation à Christian Sutter;
c) Franco Donatoni: Lem (only the first one);
d) Kaja Saariaho: Folia (version without electronics).

Art. 7

Pieces presented in all rounds should have piano accompaniment where foreseen, and the final shall be open to the general public subject to seating availability. All performances may be recorded in part or in full by the Competition Organisation.
Should competitors arrive to the final without a piano accompanist, they may avail of the services of the accompanist provided by the Organisation, subject to notification in the competition application form. Competitors who use this facility must provide  the piano part, transported in the key according to the soloist's tuning, under penalty of exclusion from the Competition.
The canditates must however specify in their application form the titles of the pieces chosen for each of the relevant rounds.

Art. 8
If a member of the Jury is a relative (up to the second degree) or teacher of a competitor, he/she shall refrain from making verbal or written judgments.

Art. 9
Marking is from 0 to 10 for the three ROUNDS. Candidates with a mark of more than 7 go ahead to the Semifinal and those with a mark of more than 8 shall go through to the Final.

Art. 10
The Jury has the right to interrupt the performance at any time. For the last round (FINAL) the Jury will apply a mark from 0 to 10 .
The decision of the Jury is final and non-appealable.

Maria Rita Pasqualucci – Giorgi
Saverio Ruggieri
Giovanni Antonioni

Maria Rita Pasqualucci – Giorgi
Via degli Scipioni 147, Roma.


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